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Did you know that it takes just the single wrapper of one lowly ‘ol Chapper to learn a new thing or two?

Case in point this fascinating factoid that we eagerly devoured over here at Sad Shirts HQ when the time finally arrived for our much-anticipated daily ritual of divvying up and sharing our allotted sugary 50c square for the day.

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#Winning Giveaway -

Did you know we're running a rad Sad giveaway?

Well, we are! But we have decided to extend the end date for our #Winning Giveaway for two more weeks because we did such a shitty job of spreading the word about it. 

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Sad Blog, The Cats of Ulthar -

Be excited! Be, be excited! I'm

We’re celebrating the successful emergence of yet another sweet shirt by GIVING AWAY the ORIGINAL ARTWORK used in our new Cats of Ulthar t-shirt design.

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Mine Design Video, Sad Blog -

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! We've made a little veedjo!

It's a thrilling behind-the-scenes look at the making of our new design, called 'Mine!'.

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Monday Monster -

"Drawing you in with my drawing. A crayon drawing, as it were!"
— Sad Shirts Artist, Sad Ivan

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