Our Chappy Rapper's Very Fancy

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Our Chappy Rapper's Very Fancy

The corona's got us chewin' Chappies … ‘cause of nerves, completely shot (turns out Armageddon’s pretty stressful!), and finances fairly fickle.

But we don’t really mind because, as any South African worth their sugar knows, a Chappy a day keeps the stoopid away!

Did you know that it takes just the single wrapper of one lowly ‘ol Chapper to learn a new thing or two?

Case in point this fascinating factoid that we eagerly devoured over here at Sad Shirts HQ when the time finally arrived for our much-anticipated daily ritual of divvying up and sharing our allotted sugary 50c square for the day.

We were about as giddy as that godawful Gloop boy around the chocolate in kooky ol' Charlie's factory with its dubious workforce of hopped-up goblin slaves. But we were still very careful not to tear the precious wrapper with its invaluable teachings as we gently peeled the Chappy away from its paper.


Mmmmmm … (*Smack*) ... so very sugary and sweet. So lovely and soft. So nice and ...  and... so... very small ...

Taking care to appreciate the joy of a Chappie on a Tuesday, we invested a minute to savour the full flavour of our baby bubble gum balls ~ chewing fast and chewing little; with itty-bitty bites in just the tiny space between our two front teeth.

And then came the best part ~ reading the wrapper!


Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser has a tattoo of the Chappies chipmunk on her arm."

And that's how you know that you’ve cemented your place in history! When you're immortalised as a treasured Chappie fact ~ memorialised as question number 588 in the iconic SA quiz of treasured trivia factoids. It doesn't get any better than that!

We also try to do our bit for the edification of humanity, so we thought we'd share this interesting piece on the origin story of the Chappies brand, which has many fascinating facts we're willing to bet you did not know!

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