Monday Monster -

MONDAY 26 August 2019 

Today’s little monster is called Kit Courage!

Keep this little kitty close, and he’ll daringly defend you against any rotten days you might face this week.

Your planet’s in danger?” asks our fearless little feline.
Don’t be scared! We’re on it!” he assures those uneasy of heart.

When we created Kit Courage, thoughts and feelings about the heroic child were swirling round in our minds; musings and reverie about the easing earnestness of their intentions. He might look small and helpless, but he definitely is not! He’s completely serious and ceaselessly committed to fight for his cause.

Kit Courage lives on 3 of the 5 longsleeve t-shirts we currently have on Slash Sale. He is one of our Legacy Range artworks, which are the hand-printed designs that our brand has, over the years, become so synonymous with. And he told us that he would LOVE to meet all of you!

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