Monday Monster -

MONDAY 12 August 2019 


Remember our Monday Monster Giveaway from our Elder Thing t-shirt launch? Loyal Sad Shirts customer Neil was the chosen one and, according to the competition rules, has been transformed into an abomination. As is his wont, Sad Ivan once again outdid himself by conjuring up a masterpiece of monstrous proportions.
"His was a journey long and far. Laden with trials - tough and treacherous. But through it he trounced. And from it he emerged - victorious."
A kind word of warning. It takes guts to face this vile abomination. Are you sitting down? Okay... look over there. Do you see it? That frightful funnyman? That horrific harlequin called Neil.
Here's a picture of the Real Neil! We award him with:
The First Annual Sad Shirts Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Monsterism
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