Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  1. This electronic gift card can only be redeemed online at
  2. Because we value all our customers and respect that your hard-earned cash has your blood, sweat and tears, Sad Shirts Gift Cards have NO EXPIRY DATE. (You paid for something after all, and deserve to get your money’s worth regardless of date ~ but the onus is naturally, ultimately on the card carrier to claim it.)
  3. The amount registered on the cardholder’s gift card will not, however, accrue any interest over time.
  4. If the full value of your electronic gift card is not used on your first purchase, the balance will remain on your electronic gift card. 
  5. If your gift card code has been lost or you need a balance update, you can click Resend gift cards from your order confirmation email.
  6. More than one gift card can be used towards a purchase by simply entering the codes for each during checkout.
  7. A gift card can be applied to any item.
  8. If the total value of a purchase exceeds the value of the gift card used, the balance is required to be paid at checkout.
  9. This gift card is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash or credit.
  10. Exchange and/or return of merchandise purchased in whole or in part with the gift card, will be governed by the procedures and policies of Sad Shirts and the applicable law. At the time of any exchange or return, you must present the electronic gift card.
  11. South African Law governs these terms and conditions.
  12. The usage of the electronic gift card is solely at the risk and discretion of the customer.